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The DEV7710 P combines the Intel’s 11th Generation desktop processor with an NVMe SSD (Intel® Optane™) to improve boot times and increase system performance even more. The device uses its integrated Intel® UHD graphics for industrial processing, AI access control, people tracking and interactive targeted advertising.

Intel® Core™ Desktop platform

The DEV series is based on the Intel® Core™ desktop platform. More specifically, on the 11th generation. The DEV Series is designed for Smart Vision applications, such as analytics, surveillance and industrial process automation.

DEV7710 P
DEV7710 P

An NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD improves boot times and increases system performance. NVMe leverages solid-state storage and multicore CPUs and gigabytes of memory.

Smart Vision Solution

The AOPEN DEV devices are created for smart vision solutions. High-end video analytics, industrial process operation and automation or video surveillance are within the scope. Because of the dedicated graphics card slot, these computing engines are also capable of inference and deep learning.

DEV7710 P
DEV7710 P
Trusted Platform Module 2.0

The TPM is a dedicated microcontroller, designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. This means the data on your hard drive will be encrypted to ensure your data is safe, even when your device gets stolen.

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