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The next chapter of commercial-grade ChromeOS all-in-one computing is here with the cTILE 22 Gen3, where advanced technology meets compact design. This device integrates the Chromebox Commercial 3 with a 22" commercial-grade touchscreen, enclosed in a compact '2 in 1' form factor. With a sleek aluminum build, this compact solution offers robust connectivity and a fanless design for a reliable computing, kiosk, or digital signage experience. Step into the next chapter of reliable, ChromeOS all-in-one computing.

A Reliable & Robust Commercial Grade Chrome AIO PC

IP65 - Dust and Waterproof

The cTILE 22 Gen3 stands resilient in various environments, thanks to its IP65-rated front panel. This feature ensures protection against dust and liquid, making it a versatile solution for settings where reliability is the utmost priority. Whether in bustling retail spaces or dynamic healthcare environments, the IP65 capability of the cTILE 22 Gen3 provides an extra layer of durability, assuring users of a steadfast performance even in challenging conditions.

cTILE 22 Gen3
cTILE 22 Gen3
Tamper proof design

The built-in port cover serves as a shield, preventing unauthorized access and tampering with the device's ports. In environments where the integrity of the system is crucial, the port cover ensures that the cTILE 22 Gen3 remains dependable against any prying. Ultimately, this provides users with the assurance that their system is secure and resilient, even in public or high-traffic spaces.

Fanless design

Because of the fanless design of the cTILE 22 Gen3, the device eliminates not only unnecessary noise but also the risk of mechanical failure. This absence of moving parts contributes to a longer lifespan and enhanced durability, making it a smart choice for environments where silence and resilience are paramount. The cTILE 22 Gen3's fanless design isn't just about what's not there; it's about a streamlined, efficient solution that guarantees a cool, quiet, and consistently reliable performance.

cTILE 22 Gen3
cTILE 22 Gen3
AC Power Auto Recovery

Alleviate the need for physical reboots in kiosks, sparing the necessity of dismantling setups for a straightforward restart. Eliminate on-location service calls solely for powering on a device, and sidestep the inconvenience of using ladders for digital signage management. Thanks to APAR (AC Power Auto Recovery) on the cTILE 22 Gen3, these challenges are effectively addressed, promising a smoother and more efficient resolution to common pain points.


Design for 24/7

The cTILE 22 Gen3 boasts a purpose-built design tailored for continuous 24/7 use. With a fanless design that cleverly eliminates moving parts, this device stands resilient against wear and tear. The outstanding thermal design ensures optimal temperature management, while the absence of vibration further solidifies its commitment to uninterrupted operation. Whether it's the quiet of the night or the buzz of the day, the cTILE 22 Gen3 remains steadfast, providing AOPEN reliability.

cTILE 22 Gen3
cTILE 22 Gen3
Google Device Management

Google Chrome's web-based management console provides IT administrators with a centralized platform to easily customize Chrome features for users, control app and extension access, and enforce app installations within their organization. This versatile tool streamlines the management of users, applications, and devices, enhancing security, productivity, and standardization across the Chrome ecosystem.


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